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Dr. Lukas Brandner


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Language Spoken: German, English


Dr. Lukas Brandner is a specialist in trauma surgery and knee specialist. He specializes in the minimally invasive treatment of sports and joint injuries, as well as bone fracture treatment. A special focus is on the treatment of meniscus and cruciate ligament injuries. Due to his expertise, Dr. Lukas Brandner is the trusted physician of numerous professional athletes and national teams. As a trauma surgeon, Dr. Brandner also specializes in the treatment of bone fractures. The care in professional sports forms an essential part of his work. Dr. Brandner is the team doctor of SK Rapid Wien and the Vienna Capitals. He also looks after the Austrian Ski Association, the national teams of the volleyball and badminton associations, the Austrian Olympic Committee and numerous top national and international athletes.


  • Medical director of Sportmedic


  • Knee (cruciate ligament; meniscus; cartilage; misalignment; arthrosis...)
  • Shoulder (instability; rotator cuff; impingement; SLAP…)
  • Hand (nerve constriction syndrome; tendon injuries; overloads; arthrosis...)
  • Foot (Hallux; hammer toe; Achilles tendon problems; arthrosis; deformities...)
  • Hip (arthrosis; impingement...)
  • Ankle (impingement; arthrosis; instability...)
  • Bone fractures (surgical and conservative treatment)
  • Internal Medicine & Cardiology (heart ultrasound; ECG...)
  • Traditional Chinese medicine
  • Shock wave therapy
  • Physiotherapy and osteopathy