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Sports medicine

Sports medicine

A sports doctor monitors the health of athletes, provides them with medical care, and helps to rehabilitate after injuries and illnesses. He can also issue recommendations for the coach, grant admission to participate in competitions, monitor the intake of pharmacological drugs and much more. Moreover, sports medicine allows you to identify disorders in the functioning of body systems at different stages and create a program to achieve the best performance in sports events.
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Deformities of the chest wall or malformations of the thorax (funnel chest/keel chest/Poland syndrome/Marfan syndrome/King syndrome)
Deformities of the foot (clubfoot/pointed foot/flat foot/hollow foot/heel foot)
Diseases of the hip joint (slipped femoral head/aseptic necrosis of the femoral head/ delayed hip maturation/ hip dislocation)
Inflammatory hip joint diseases (hip cold/bacterial and abacterial coxitis)
Diseases of the knee joint (traumatic ligament ruptures/cartilage damage/aseptic necrosis of the articular cartilage)
Diseases of the spine (scoliosis/adolescent kyphosis)
Malformation and malposition of the extremities (rotational defects/axial deviation/leg length discrepancy)
Neuro-orthopaedic clinical conditions (open back/myelomeningocele/muscular dystrophy)
Knee (cruciate ligament; meniscus; cartilage; misalignment; arthrosis...)
Shoulder (instability; rotator cuff; impingement; SLAP…)
Hand (nerve constriction syndrome; tendon injuries; overloads; arthrosis...)
Foot (Hallux; hammer toe; Achilles tendon problems; arthrosis; deformities...)
Hip (arthrosis; impingement...)
Ankle (impingement; arthrosis; instability...)
Bone fractures (surgical and conservative treatment)
Internal Medicine & Cardiology (heart ultrasound; ECG...)
Traditional Chinese medicine
Shock wave therapy
Physiotherapy and osteopathy
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Conservative and surgical obesity treatment (medication/endoscopic/surgical therapy)
Anti-reflux surgery ("Heartburn")
Surgical endoscopy (gastroscopy and colonoscopy)
Surgery of the gastrointestinal tract and endocrine organs (removal of adhesions/good adrenal tumors)
Modern wound management (negative pressure therapy)