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An orthopedist treats flat feet, scoliosis, spinal diseases and injuries. Among the symptoms are crunching and pain in the joints, stiffness of movements, etc. During the examination, the orthopedist assesses the condition of the skin and muscle system, the soreness of the damaged area, shortening of the limb and other signs indicating the disease.
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Dr. Bachar Aboubaker


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Dr. Hans-Peter Holzapfel


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Manual therapy
Manual medicine
Infiltration therapy / therapeutic local anesthesia
Laser treatment for inflammation as well as injuries to tendons;ligaments and muscles
Cartilage rebuilding therapy
Medicinal pain therapy
Prescription of corsets
Image converter-targeted (X-ray-targeted) nerve root blocks
Image converter-targeted (X-ray-targeted) facet joint blocks
Surgical interventions
Deformities of the chest wall or malformations of the thorax (funnel chest/keel chest/Poland syndrome/Marfan syndrome/King syndrome)
Deformities of the foot (clubfoot/pointed foot/flat foot/hollow foot/heel foot)
Diseases of the hip joint (slipped femoral head/aseptic necrosis of the femoral head/ delayed hip maturation/ hip dislocation)
Inflammatory hip joint diseases (hip cold/bacterial and abacterial coxitis)
Diseases of the knee joint (traumatic ligament ruptures/cartilage damage/aseptic necrosis of the articular cartilage)
Diseases of the spine (scoliosis/adolescent kyphosis)
Malformation and malposition of the extremities (rotational defects/axial deviation/leg length discrepancy)
Neuro-orthopaedic clinical conditions (open back/myelomeningocele/muscular dystrophy)
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Prim. Dr. K. Michael Riedl


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Arthrosis prevention
Foot surgery
Joint surgery
Hand surgery
CT-targeted infiltration of the spine
Manual medicine
Preventive spinal check-ups
Orthopedic pain therapy
Pediatric orthopedics
Baby ultrasound of the hips
Sports medicine examinations
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OA Dr. Georg C. Bézard


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Shoulder (arthroscopy of the shoulder joint; impingement syndrome; shoulder dislocations; Bankart lesion; tendon tears in the shoulder joint; supraspinatus tear; biceps tendon tear; SLAP lesions; AC joint dislocations; upper arm and collarbone fractures;)
Hand (carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS); trigger fingers; radial fractures; scaphoid fractures; metacarpal and finger fractures; tendon injuries; de Quervain's tendovaginitis; ganglion; Dupuytren's contractures; forearm fractures) Knee (knee arthroscopy; meniscus injuries; cruciate ligament injuries; cartilage injuries; plica syndrome; patella dislocations ; jumpersknee; fracture near the knee joint; prostheses of the knee joint)
Sports injuries (overload of the musculoskeletal system (tennis elbow); tendon ruptures; tendon injuries (Achilles tendon & quadriceps tendon); dislocations (shoulder; AC joint; fingers); fractures / broken bones; bodybuilding & strength sports; climbing; cycling / running (triathlon); kitesurfing / windsurfing)
Arthroscopy (meniscus injuries; cruciate ligament injuries; cartilage injuries; plica syndrome; impingement syndrome; Bankart lesion; tendon tears in the shoulder joint; SLAP lesions; AC joint dislocations; impingement; cartilage damage; OCD)
Endoprosthetics (hip joint prostheses; knee joint prostheses; shoulder joint prostheses)
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Dr. Med. Christine E. Bachmann


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Orthopaedic examination
3D spine measurement
X-ray diagnostics
Osteoporosis measurement (DXA method)
Detailed laboratory diagnostics
CRP rapid test
Intra-articular injections
Manual therapy
Chiropractic therapy
High-energy extracorporeal shock wave therapy
Trigger point shock wave therapy
Neural therapy
Magnetic field therapy
Knee arthroscopy & knee prosthetics Artificial hip joint (cementless)
Trigger finger
Nerve constriction (carpal tunnel syndrome) Hallux valgus - hammertoes
Morton neuroma (nerve tumor)
Shoulder arthroscopic procedures (calcium removal
bursa removal)
ACP autologous blood therapy Shock wave therapy
Infant ultrasound
Neural therapy Infiltration therapy Chiropractic therapy
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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Reinhard Windhager


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Coxarthrosis/Hip prosthesis
Hip surgery/Minimally invasive hip joint surgery Knee prosthesis
Hip impingement
Cartilage surgery
Orthopaedic oncology
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Univ.Doz. Dr. Martin Buchelt


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Arthroscopic joint operations
Joint replacement (artificial hip and knee joints)
Intervertebral Disc and Spinal Surgery
Foot surgery
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Dr. med. Christoph Nicolaisen


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Drug-based pain therapy (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)
Muscle relaxants
Complementary medical procedures such as TCM (traditional Chinese medicine)
Manual therapy/physical therapy
Medical strengthening therapy/Gyrotonic and Pilates
Injection therapy
Shock wave therapy (ESWT)
Bioregenerative procedures