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A trauma surgeon diagnoses, treats and prevents musculoskeletal disorders. His specialty also includes the treatment of burns The surgeon specializes in the following areas: Treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, such as fractures of the bone or soft tissue, injuries of tendons and muscles, prevention of the effects of injuries and the development of secondary infections, and much more. At the same time, a trauma surgeon can be consulted for spinal deformities, flat feet, osteomyelitis and other conditions.
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Ass.-Prof. Dr. Irene Kuehrer


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Nutritional Therapy
Oncological aftercare
Pain Management
Creation of cancer risk profiles
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Prof. Dr. med. habil. Lars Grenacher


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Oncologic radiology
Abdominal radiology
Cardiovascular imaging
Hepato-pancreaticobiliary imaging
Upper gastrointestinal tract
Uro-radiology incl. prostate
Interventional radiology
Imaging of rare diseases
Preventive check-ups
Vaccinations / vaccination advice & travel medicine
Hearing and speech examinations
Ultrasound (digital sonography & elastography)
ECG & lung function test (bodyplethysmography)
Rapid diagnostics through in-house laboratory
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Dr. med. Tobias Grantzow, FEBU


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Test for PSA (prostate-specific antigen)
Bladder inflammation
Bladder cancer
Bladder weakness / Urinary incontinence
Testicular cancer
Impotence / Erectile dysfunction
Cancer follow-up care
Cancer screening
Drug-based tumor therapy
Kidney cancer / Renal cell carcinoma
Prostate cancer / Prostate carcinoma
Urological tumor therapy
Multimodal cardiovascular imaging
Coronary and structural heart diseases
Interventional cardiology