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An online consultation offers you the opportunity to discuss your health concerns with your doctor from the comfort of your own home. The specialist will take an initial medical history to inquire about your current conditions and your treatment preferences. Based on this information, the doctor will perform a thorough evaluation, recommend further testing if needed, and decide on additional treatment options

What is available within the service

Consultations with specialists are carried out remotely via the MedicusUnion platform in real time:
  • The communication with the doctor takes place through the website or the MedicusUnion application via videocall
  • A dedicated communication platform on which the security and confidentiality of your interaction is guaranteed
By sending your medical reports to the doctor, they can be reviewed in advance prior the consultation. It is important that the submitted documents are translated into English or German.The consultation and reports are also drawn up in German or English. If needed an interpreter can participate during the consultation and assist you. Translation of medical findings can also be requested

Service cost

The cost of the service depends on different parameters and may vary. Details of tariffs can be clarified in the profile of a particular doctor. Payment is made in advance.
Additional services are:
  • Translation during the consultation
  • Translation of findings into the patient's preferred language
How it works