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Medical Treatment in Europe

Long-term cooperation with European clinics and physicians ensures high quality of service offered. We are experts in delivering personalized and stress-free healthcare experiences in Europe, ensuring your comfort and comprehensive support throughout your medical journey.
Best Medical Treatment
Best Medical Treatment
Best Medical
Your Journey to Health
Your Journey to Health
Your Journey to

Embarking on a Path to Well-being: Your Voyage to Health and Vitality

Do you want to be treated in a European clinic, but do not know how to do it? MedicusUnion organizes turnkey medical treatment. We will help you to choose a clinic and a doctor that specializes in the treatment of your disease and prepare necessary documents needed for a medical treatment in Europe.

What is available within the service

The organization of medical travel with us is a quick multi-stage process that includes

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Selection of Clinic & Specialist

We will find a suitable clinic and physician who specializes in your condition and schedule an appointment for you
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Medical Invitation

Assistance in the obtainment of a medical invitation for visa processing
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On-site assistance

We coordinate seamless transfers facilitated by bilingual drivers and handle your hotel reservations
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Interpreter at Your Side

Our interpreters accompany you on every step of your medical journey, offering support to ensure your comfort throughout the entire treatment process

Service cost

Since the organization of the treatment is arranged individually for each patient, the price can vary. For more detailed information, please contact our support team who will be happy to provide you with detailed information