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Dr. Shruti Garg Indoriya


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Language Spoken: English


Dr. Shruti is a Specialist Obstetrician & Gynaecologist with over 13 years of experience. She is also a known mentor for aspirants of prestigious degrees from Royal college of UK, Ireland and Europe named as MRCOG,MRCPI and EBCOG. She has been called as an examiner for the mock on-site exams of the aformentioned degrees. She has completed her fellowship in Cosmetic Gynaecology, certified by the American Board and a diploma in ultrasound, certified by the DHA.

Dr. Shruti has worked in reputed hospitals in India such as the Apollo Hospital in Delhi, Max Superspeciality Hospital in Delhi and Fortis Hospital in Delhi. While working at the ESI Hospital in Okhla, she handled patients that required complicated vaginal deliveries, high-risk caesareans and emergency cases. Her PG was from the renowned Yashoda Superspeciality Hospital in Hyderabad.

Her motto is all about treating patients with care and respect, and she specialises in recurrent vaginal infections, Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome cases (Obesity, Acne, irregular menstruation and difficulty in conceiving), family planning (counselling, multiload-hormonal and non-hormonal insertion, hormonal pills), antenatal, intrapartum, and postpartum care of high-risk pregnancies, polycystic ovarian syndrome cases, obesity, irregular menstruation and difficulty in conceiving, recurrent vaginal infections, menopausal problems, screening for breast and cervical cancers, colposcopy and follow-up of abnormal pap smears, management of recurrent miscarriages, adolescent care, abnormal uterine bleeding in adolescents, reproductive-aged Menopausal women, acute and chronic lower abdominal pain and resistant pain during menstruation, hysteroscopy (diagnostic and therapeutic), and the treatment of subfertility (follicular monitoring, ovulation inductions and intrauterine insemination).
Dr. Shruti also specialises in cosmetic & aesthetic gynaecology treatments such as Botox for vaginismus, whitening of the vulva, laser vaginal tightening and rejuvenation, G-Spot amplification and women’s sexual health improvement.

She is a passionate obstetrician and gynaecologist, and the beauty of her profession is that she takes care of two lives together for nine months and guides her patients through their pregnancy journey. In Dr. Shruti's words, "Being an obstetrician is like being a guiding partner with my pregnant couples in their journey of parenthood, from their first steps into pregnancy to the first steps of their child’s life."


    • Normal and high-risk deliveries including forceps and vacuum delivery and high-risk caesarean sections with antenatal, intranatal and postpartum care
    • Management of resistant vaginal infections
    • Management of polycystic ovarian disease (PCOS) including resistant cases
    • Infertility work up with ovulation induction and hysterosalpingography for the patency of fallopian tubes
    • Sonosalpingography for detection of endometrial polyps and other uterine abnormalities
    • Management of perimenopause and menopause problems including hot flushes, mood swings, irregular bleeding
    • Adolescent gynaecological issues including increased bleeding during periods, pain during periods etc.
    • Contraception in the form of intrauterine copper device, Mirena insertion, implant insertion, implant removal and other methods
    • Management of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STI)
    • Colposcopy with management of all pap smear abnormalities
    • Diagnostic hysteroscopy for abnormal uterine bleeding
    • Management of recurrent pregnancy loss
    • Management of fibroids and endometriosis
    • Aesthetic gynaecological procedures like vulval whitening with vulval peels
    • Botox injection for vaginismus that is pain during sexual intercourse
    • Cervical cancer vaccine
    • Breast cancer screening and follow up
    • Management of ovarian cysts and follow up
    • Management of recurrent urinary tract infections
    • Acute and chronic lower abdominal pain
    • Preconception care and counselling
    • Antenatal care includes prenatal screening, diet and exercise advice, and normal antenatal care
    • Cardiotocography (CTG)
    • Vaginal birth after caesarean section (VBAC)
    • Postnatal care and contraception