The Rise of Virtual Medical Consultations: European Expertise Online

The Rise of Virtual Medical Consultations: European Expertise Online

MedicusUnion Team
MedicusUnion Team

October 24, 2023

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The surge in virtual medical consultations reflects a paradigm shift in healthcare accessibility. European expertise is now easily accessible online, providing patients with remote consultations from skilled professionals. This trend not only enhances healthcare convenience but also showcases the integration of technology in advancing medical services, enabling timely and efficient consultations tailored to individual needs.

The emergence of digital health, a wide concept that encompasses telemedicine and teleconsultation solutions, remote monitoring, connected devices, digital health platforms, and health apps, has been propelled in recent years by the COVID-19 pandemic.

European expertise in online healthcare services has played a crucial role in facilitating this transition. 

Before COVID

Telemedicine has been available for years, but its widespread adoption only gained momentum recently. Before 2017, its usage was limited, with mental health services being the primary adopters.

Several barriers hindered telemedicine adoption pre-COVID-19, including staff training, clinician unwillingness to change, and a lack of synchronized EU regulations. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has since accelerated telemedicine adoption, breaking down some of these barriers and highlighting its importance in modern healthcare.


This important shift was motivated by several factors:

  • The fear of COVID-19 transmission has led to the use of telemedicine for non-urgent cases to maintain social distancing
  • The opportunity to reduce health workers' contact with potentially infected patients, which helped avoid staff shortages due to the need for quarantine

Telemedicine also played a role in training healthcare professionals. It allowed medical trainees to participate in activities like patient rounding without exposing them to COVID-19. Additionally, telemedicine monitored COVID-19 patients self-quarantined at home, ensuring early intervention when necessary.

In outpatient care, telemedicine became crucial for managing chronic conditions without risking exposure to the virus. Many institutions expanded their telehealth services during the pandemic. Interestingly, patient satisfaction with telemedicine remained high, even among those initially skeptical about using technology for healthcare.


The pandemic taught the world valuable lessons, demonstrating that many outpatient visits can be effectively managed via telemedicine without compromising patient care. 

The experience gained during the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of telemedicine, and it is likely to continue evolving as an integral part of European healthcare systems.

So now you can fully understand the value of virtual consultations in the healthcare industry. Are you ready to take your personal health care to a whole new level?

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