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Unlike a neurologist, a neurosurgeon treats pathologies of the central and peripheral nervous system by surgical intervention. Consultation with a neurosurgeon may be recommended for acute pain in the spine that restricts the movements of the limbs or trunk, numbness, cramps or chronic pain — especially in situations where there is relief from the pain even after using analgesics. In many situations, a neurologist can refer a patient to a neurosurgeon.
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Dr. Klaus Novak


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Windowpane disease of the spine (claudication spinalis)
Herniated disc (disc prolapse)
Tumors of the central nervous system
Movement disorders
Neuromodulation procedures
Psychiatric diseases
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Dr. Hillol Kanti Pal


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Dr. med. univ. Sindhu Winkler


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Infiltrations/interventional pain therapy
Conservative therapy
Surgical therapy
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Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Westermaier


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Aneurysms and angiomas
Nerve diseases
Brain tumor surgery
Pituitary tumors
Skull base tumors
Pain treatment
Spinal surgery
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Univ. Prof. Dr. Walter Saringer


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Lumbar disc herniation (microsurgery; endoscopic sequestrectomy)
Synovial cyst
Lumbar vertebrostenosis
Lumbar Listhesis
Cervical disc herniation
Cervical foraminal stenosis
Cervical vertebrostenosis
Spinal tumors
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)
Sulcus Ulnaris Syndrome
Tumors of the skull base (meningiomas; neurinomas/schwannomas; chordomas; metastases)
Tumors of the brain
Vascular diseases (angiomas; aneurysms; cavernomas; arteriovenous fistulas; intracerebral hemorrhages)