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Abdominal surgery

Abdominal surgery

An abdominal surgeon is a doctor who performs surgical intervention for congenital and acquired pathologies of the abdominal organs. Operations performed by abdominal surgeons can be both abdominal and laparoscopic. They can be used for hernias, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, hernias, gastrointestinal oncology, etc. Abdominal surgery is also relevant in urgent cases — for example, acute appendicitis, pancreatitis and other ailments.
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Inguinal hernia treatment: Shouldice surgical technique/Lichtenstein surgical technique
Minimally invasive hernia repair using the TAPP and TEP technique
Umbilical and incisional hernia (abdominal wall hernia)
Anti-reflux surgery (LINX/fundoplication)
Gall bladder removal
Gastric balloon treatment
Gastric sleeve formation
Gastric bypass surgery
Gastric and intestinal resections for inflammatory and malignant diseases
Removal of adhesions
Surgical endoscopy (gastroscopy and colonoscopy)
Tumor screening examinations
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Colon surgery
Tumor surgery
Minimally invasive surgery
Incisional hernias
Gall bladder/gall ducts
Reflux surgery
Thyroid surgery