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Dr. Osama Y. Attar Bashi


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Performing body composition measurements
Metabolic testing
Nutritional education in case of overweight/underweight and all intolerances
Genetic counseling and performing genetic analysis in case of congenital diseases
Precise laboratory diagnostics
Diagnostics of malnutrition
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Dr. Mohammadtaghi Rastghalam


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Pediatric urology:
Correction of hypospadias;
Inguinal hernia surgery;
Hydrocele surgery;Undescended testicles - open and laparoscopic methods;
Ureteral reimplantation for VUR;
(Laparoscopic) renal pelvis plasty;
(Laparoscopic) kidney removal;
Laparoscopic varicocele correction;
Cystoscopy diagnostics:
X-ray imaging using contrast medium to clarify the anatomy and therapeutic:
Ureteral injection;
Placement of an internal splint etc.;
Malformation surgery:
Congenital malformations:
Atresia of the digestive tract;
Abdominal wall defects;
Cystic adenomatoid malformation of the lung;
Lung sequestration;
Visceral surgery:
Open and “buttonhole” abdominal surgery (e.g. appendectomy);
Exploratory laparoscopy (e.g. for ovarian cysts and chronic abdominal pain)
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Prof. Dr.Milen Minkov


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Mother-child passport examinations
Vaccination consultation & vaccination according to Austrian vaccination schedule
Examination & treatment in case of acute illness
Clarification in case of persistent complaints
Clarification and consultation for blood diseases/blood count changes (anemia; leukopenia; thrombocytopenia)
Consultation and treatment of hemangioma (blood sponge)
Consultation and treatment for mastocytosis
Point of care laboratory tests: (Blood count;CRP;Urinalysis;Strep A test;Antigen test for influenza; RSV and Sars-CoV-2)