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Priv. Doz. Dr. Michael  Saletu

Priv. Doz. Dr. Michael Saletu

Vienna, Austria |
Dr. Saletu is Specialist in neurology and European certified sleep physician.
Initial consultation
Video call | 0.5h
Duration: up to 30 minutes
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  • Epilepsy
  • Gait instability and falls
  • Memory problems (dementia; Alzheimer's disease)
  • Sensory disorders (polyneuropathies)
  • Headaches: migraine; tension headache and cluster headache
  • Paralysis (stroke - prevention and rehabilitation)
  • Facial pain and neuralgia
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Back pain and slipped disc ( "problems with sciatica ")
  • Dizziness
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Restless Legs Syndrome (restless legs syndrome)
  • Specialty sleep disorders


  • Austrian Medical Association Specialization in Sleep Medicine effective Sept. 25, 2019.

  • Since April 2013 European Certificate in Sleep Medicine by the European Sleep Society (ESRS)-Title Somnologist- Expert in Sleep Medicine

  • Since January 2010 Habilitation for Neurology and awarding of the title Privatdozent

  • 2002- 2007 Training as a specialist in neurology at the University Clinic for Neurology, Vienna

  • 2000- 2001 Research assistant in the sleep laboratory of the University Clinic for Neurology, Innsbruck

  • 1993-1999 Medical studies at the University of Vienna


  • Academy for Advanced Training for Health and Social Professions (graduation with Bachelor of Science in Nursing) at Rudolfinerhaus for the subject Neurology 2005- 2009

  • Lecturer at the Center for Clinical Neurosciences Danube University Krems for the field of sleep medicine since 2009

  • Scientific reviewer since 1999 for the journals: Respiration, CNS Drugs, Stroke, Drugs, Atherosclerosis, Sleep Medicine; Psychiatry Research, Hypertension, Sleep and Breathing, Vienna Clinical Wochenschrift

  • Ongoing lecturing activities at national and international level

  • 2014 Foundation of private practice

  • 2012 Foundation of the Center for Outpatient Sleep Medicine at Rudolfinerhaus Vienna, since then Head of the Center

  • Since 2007 certified and consulting physician in the private hospital Rudofinerhaus Vienna, PK Döbling

  • Since 1.11.2007 Elective practice for neurology in the medical center "Haus mit Herz Mannswörth" (Lower Austria)

  • Since July 2017 Head of the Sleep Medicine Department at the LKH Graz II- Location South

  • 2007-2017 Senior physician at the Rosenhügel Neurological Rehabilitation Center Head of Sleep Medicine Division


  • 27.01.2010 Award of the Venia Docendi for Neurology


  • 2012 Member of the Board of the Austrian Society of Sleep Medicine (Treasurer)

  • 2011 European Society for Sleep Medicine (ESRS)

  • 2009 Austrian Society for Neurorehabilitation

  • 2005 World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM)

  • 2000 Austrian Parkinson Society

  • 2000 Austrian Society for Neurology

  • 1999 Austrian Society for Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research ÖGSMSF/ASRA

  • Collaboration in the Bruneck Study- Italy

  • Since April 2009 Head of the Sleep Research Group within the Austrian Association for Neurorehabilitation (AFSN)

  • Since June 2022 President of the Austrian Society for Sleep Medicine

  • April 2012-June 2022 Member of the Board of the Austrian Sleep Medicine Society


  • pdf Currently 26 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals on the topic of sleep, movement disorders and stroke (see list of publications)

Congress organiser:

2009 48th Symposium on Clinical Neurophysiology and Related Fields in St. Michael im Lungau/Salzburg, Austria (100 participants).

2009 Vienna World Sleep Day at Otto Wagner Hospital (70 participants)

2012 Annual Meeting of the Austrian Society for Sleep Medicine in Baden near Vienna (160 participants)

Initial consultation
Video call | 0.5h
Duration: up to 30 minutes
320 €