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Dr. Nuno Filipe De Melo Sarmento


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Language Spoken: English


Dr. Nuno is a General Dentist from Portugal with over 22 years of experience, international education and certified training. He graduated in 2002 and supports his theoretical knowledge with international experience across Dental Clinics in Spain and Dubai.

He did his practice at the School of Stomatology, University of Oviedo and was also an assistant at the University Central Hospital of Asturias. He has also attended a great number of seminars and conferences in Portugal, Spain and Dubai, where he started working in 2014.

Dr. Nuno performs all the standard Dentistry procedures in the Dental Clinic and also in the Operation Theatre (General Anaesthesia Care and Sedation). He is highly focused on Oral Rehabilitation as well. His main goal is to provide patients with differentiated and innovative Dental Treatments using high-tech, top-quality materials that provide the utmost comfort. He specialises in Endodontic Treatments, Composite Restaurations, Extractions, Whitening, Scaling and Polishing and Prosthodontic Treatments (Crowns, Bridges, Removable Dentures, Veneers).


    • Expertise in Endodontic Treatments
    • Composite Restorations
    • Normal Tooth Extractions
    • Teeth Whitening
    • Scaling and Polishing
    • Oral Rehabilitation Ceramic Crowns Over Implants
    • Prosthodontic Treatments (Crowns, Bridges, Removable Dentures, Veneers)
    • Dental Treatments Under General Anaesthesia