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Assoz. prof. priv.-doz. Dr. Rupert Bartsch


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Language Spoken: German, English


Dr. Rupert Bartsch, born on July 24, 1975 in Vienna, is currently working as a senior physician in the Clinical Department of Oncology of the University Clinic for Internal Medicine I at the Medical University of Vienna. Counseling and care for women with breast cancer has been a special focus of his clinical work for many years.


  • ÖGHO Fellowship 2009 to support the project "Gene expression analysis to predict response to trastuzumab-based second-line therapy in Her2-positive metastatic breast cancer"
  • Award "Best Abstract", spring conference of the ÖGHO 2008
  • Unrestricted Grant from Roche Austria to support the project "Expression of Her3 in patients with brain metastases from Her2-positive breast cancer" Principle Applicant
  • Grant from the FWF – The Science Fund 2015 to support the project “Establishing a stable cell line from leptomeningeal carcinosis of breast cancer patients” Co-Principle Applicant
  • Best Author of the Division of Oncology 2006
  • Poster prize, ÖGHO spring conference 2013
  • Wolfgang Denk Prize of the ÖGHO 2007
  • Unrestricted Grant from Novartis Austria to support the project “PI3-kinase mutations as response predictor in patients with advanced inoperable or metastatic Her2- and/or oestrogen receptor positive breast cancer” Principle Applicant
  • Unrestricted Grant from Roche Austria to support the project "Brain metastases research in breast cancer patients" Principle Applicant
  • Auszeichnung „Best Abstract“, gemeinsamen Jahrestagung von DGHO, ÖGHO, SGH und SGMO 2014
  • Grant from the Jubilee Fund for the promotion of scientific research and teaching tasks of the Austrian National Bank 2011 "Breast Cancer Resistance to PI3K/mTOR inhibition: Clinical Validation of Biomarkers" Co-Principle Applicant
  • Unrestricted Grant from Roche Austria to support the project “BRCA-1 promoter methylation and p53 mutation as response predictors in patients with early-stage triple-negative breast cancer receiving preoperative chemotherapy” Principle Applicant


  • ÖGHO - Austrian Society of Hematology and Oncology - Member of the Scientific Advisory Board
  • ABCSG - Austrian Breast and Colorectal Cancer Study Group
  • ESMO - European Society of Medical Oncology
  • ÖGIM - Austrian Society of Internal Medicine
  • Austrian Cancer Aid Board
  • ÖGS - Austrian Society of Senology - Member of the Scientific Advisory Board
  • AGMT - Working Group for Medical Tumor Therapy
  • SIOG - International Society for Geriatric Oncology - Task Force Lead


  • Study of human medicine at the University of Vienna
    1992 - 1999
  • Doctor in training
    2000 - 2007


  • Antibody therapy
  • Breast-conserving surgery
  • Chemotherapy/systemic therapy
  • Breast cancer screening
  • Genetic counselling
  • Hormone therapy
  • Metastases


  • Program director for breast cancer mammary carcinoma
  • Coordinator of the interdisciplinary breast center
  • Senior physician at the University Department of Internal Medicine
  • Program director for metastatic breast cancer
  • Program director for secondary CNS tumorsat the University Hospital of Internal Medicine 1
  • Program Director for Secondary CNS Tumors
  • Award of the title "Associate Professor
  • Award of the title "Assistant Professor
  • Program Director for metastatic breast carcinoma at the University Department of Internal Medicine
  • Scientific Director
  • Specialist in Internal Medicine 2008