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Dr. Klaus Novak


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Language Spoken: German, English, Spanish; Castilian, French, Italian


Dr. Novak developed his interest in neurosurgery during his medical studies in the framework discovered during a study visit to New York University. He has his education as a specialist in neurosurgery at the Vienna University Clinic for Neurosurgery under Prof. Dr. W. Th. Koos obtained. As part of a subsequent 2-year research During my stay in the USA I studied the neurophysiology of the brain and in depth of the spinal cord busy. After his return to the Vienna University Clinic, he established intraoperative monitoring of the nervous system in Austria using routine motor evoked potentials. The introduction of this method in neurosurgery was so important because it made it possible for the first time to Seamlessly monitor the functions of the nervous system during the operation. Impending paralysis can now be detected and prevented with the help of this technology during the neurosurgical intervention.