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Univ.Prof. Dr. Alfred Kocher


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Language Spoken: German, English


Prof. Kocher is a cardiologist with more than 20 years of surgical experience at the University Hospital of Vienna and international clinics. He specializes in the surgical treatment of valve diseases of the heart, in particular the Ross procedure, the Tyrone-David operation, and new valve devices. From coronary heart disease to heart valve defects, from aortic disease to heart attacks, with him you are in safe and proven hands.

The most modern techniques are part of his surgical standards, and he decides individually for each patient which surgical technique is involved. For example, small, minimally invasive surgeries are not always possible and appropriate, although today, for example, heart valves can already be replaced using button surgery.

Professor Kocher devotes sufficient time to each patient to discuss the clinical picture in detail, as well as the surgical method and the risks involved. Comprehensive follow-up care is also of great importance to him. This is one of the reasons why not only are the surgical results excellent, but also why patients have an excellent quality of life in the long term after surgery.