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Prof. Dr. med. Albrecht Pfeiffer


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Language Spoken: German, English


Prof. Dr. med. Albrecht Pfeiffer as a renowned medical practitioner has practiced for over a decade as a senior physician and for more than two decades as chief physician at a major clinic for internal medicine, specializing in gastroenterology/hepatology, diabetology, as well as hematooncology and palliative medicine.  After thorough scientific training in the field of digestive physiology, further training was undertaken in internal medicine and gastroenterology. Extensive clinical work based on the breadth of internal medicine led to personal focuses in areas such as diagnostic and particularly operative endoscopy, chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, hepatology, functional digestive disorders, and oncology of the digestive organs with early palliative care. The medical care of his patients was guided by evidence-based medicine, accompanied by the conduct of clinical studies, the publication of which garnered international attention in prestigious journals.  In the context of evidence-based medicine and extensive clinical experience, Prof. Pfeiffer’s goal is to provide each patient with the best possible individualized treatment.