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Prim. Dr. Roland Peceny


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Language Spoken: German, English, French, Spanish; Castilian


Dr. Roland Peceny is primarius of physical medicine and rehabilitation at the private clinic Rudolfinerhaus. He is a board member of the Austrian Society for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and assessor of the musculoskeletal system on behalf of the pension insurance. In all phases of life, from birth to the end of life, we ask ourselves questions related to our quality of life: What can I do about my pain?Is surgery really the only solution? Have all non-surgical treatment options been exhausted? How can I maintain my quality of life despite my illness? How can I get fit again quickly after illness or surgery? How can I prevent health problems? Physical medicine and rehabilitation not only treats the illness itself, but also deals with the effects on your quality of life. Together with you, I create concepts for you to improve your well-being with a wide variety of forces - heat, cold, mechanics and various other physical stimuli (electricity, waves, light), but also with medication options quickly and under medical supervision according to the latest medical knowledge to restore.