Mind Matters: Navigating the Signs and Symptoms of Psychological Distress and When to Seek Professional Help

Mind Matters: Navigating the Signs and Symptoms of Psychological Distress and When to Seek Professional Help

MedicusUnion Team
MedicusUnion Team

July 03, 2023

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Mind Matters delves into the intricacies of psychological distress, guiding readers through recognizing signs and symptoms. This article emphasizes the importance of seeking professional help when needed, offering insights into navigating mental health challenges for a more informed and supportive journey towards well-being.

A human’s psychological state is crucial for their overall health and performance. None of us is guaranteed to be protected from accidents that may lead to psychological distress.

Studies indicate that in recent years depressive symptoms grew by 28% at a global scale as well as anxiety disorders by about 25%.

Stress and depression may ruin your life in various terms affecting not only your mind but also your body. To unlock the primary essence of this globally enlarging issue we’ve highlighted the main signs and symptoms of psychological distress in this blog. Keep reading to understand when to consult a doctor and what questions to ask healthcare professionals.

Signs and Symptoms of Psychological Distress

Different factors contribute to psychological distress and they may even vary by gender. What’s most remarkable is that stress may reflect mental disorders that require regular medical treatment.

Some of the most common reasons that cause physiological distress are:

●   trauma and accidents

●   serious life events

●   daily load

●   health problems

But the way we respond to stress is individual and depends on many characteristics and genetic features. However, there are some common signs and symptoms that come out in most cases:

●   tiredness

●   fear and anger

●   self-absorbed behavior

●   sadness

●   anxiety

If you continuously face any of the above-mentioned signs take them seriously and hurry to consult a doctor. Depression can heavily affect the human body resulting in a range of health problems.

When feeling anxious, stress hormones fall into your blood. As a result, your heart rate and blood pressure rise. Apart from this, your body may also experience inflammatory reactions that expand plaque build-up in your arteries. And what’s even more notable is that psychological distress can make your blood stickier and develop blood clots.

Tips to Overcome Psychological Distress

Turning a blind eye to your health you prepare a fertile ground for chronic problems that eventually spoil your physical and emotional state. To better understand how to get rid of stress first you need to find the reason for its origin.

If you think there are daily activities that cause you distress, reduce their number or frequency, or even clear them out if possible.

Diaphragmatic breathing is another great technique that helps overcome anxiety. Master the skill of breathing through your diaphragm or stomach. Yoga can help you in this matter paving the way to other relaxing exercises.

Start by changing your own minds and shift your insights in a more positive direction. This is often called cognitive reframing which aims to calm down your mind and make you more optimistic.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve learned much about psychological distress you understand for sure how vital it is to be consistent about it. Take a stress reduction program if you’re not sure where to start and how to choose the order of steps.

You may be able to distinguish the necessary tips by yourself and make a list for self-support but to record more efficient results it’s better to consult a doctor. An experienced physician can better understand your problem and its threats. He will help you develop an effective treatment plan along with tracking the progress.

If you need help overcoming psychological distress, book an online consultation with high-ranking European doctors on MedicusUnion. Ask any question through video calls, share your medical documentation with your doctor, and remain unworried about your personal data security. Consult your doctor with much flexibility in choosing your desired date and time without leaving your place.

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