Radiology in modern medicine

Radiology in modern medicine

MedicusUnion Team
MedicusUnion Team

April 03, 2023

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Radiology is pivotal in modern medicine, employing advanced imaging technologies like X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans. It plays a crucial role in diagnostics, guiding treatment decisions, and monitoring progress. The integration of radiology enhances precision, enabling healthcare professionals to deliver more accurate and effective patient care.

While talking about modern medicine it’s essential to mention radiology and its importance. Medical consulting isn’t an end in itself. It’s complete with diagnosis and treatment. And this is what radiologists provide.

Radiology plays a key part in today’s healthcare industry. The way X-rays contribute to diagnosing diseases significantly matters.

In this blog we talk about radiology in general specifying its value in modern medicine. Let’s see what it stands for and how it shapes the whole picture of today’s medicare system.

How did radiology start?

Radiology was first invented in 1985 when Wilhelm Rontgen, a German physicist discovered x-rays. Those are a special kind of rays that can easily creep into solid objects. Since then radiology has practically proven its enormous importance in medicine. And today it has a crucial role in multidisciplinary patient care.

But radiology wasn’t really there when x-rays were found out. In fact, those were used for diagnosis and therapy by physicists to understand the potential value. Later on, it was gradually inserted into medicine resulting in radiology and radiotherapy to become separate branches of medicine.

Ionizing radiation was successful in medicine therefore radiology passed several levels of development. And today, it’s a very broad field that involves numerous subspecialties.

How important is radiology in modern medicine?

The significance and demand of radiology is growing worldwide.It`s expected that the global market of radiology as a service will grow to $2.83 billion in 2026. In other words, the medical infrastructures are becoming more interested in providing advanced diagnostics at an affordable cost.

Thanks to the wide choice of detection techniques radiology helps manage diseases profitably. Now it’s easier to stage the patients and treat them properly. Diagnosing is a real salvation in finding out any medical issue and organizing further treatment.

Any structural or disease related changes can certainly be seen with diagnostic imaging. Early diagnosis helps prevent health complications.

Radiology also contributes to medical innovation as it permanently requires use of novel technologies.

What does a radiologist do?

Consulting a doctor about your problem is not always enough. So often physicians need your radiology test results to be able to determine the treatment course.

Radiologists are doctors specialized in clarifying diagnostic images. Their main duty is to analyze those images to disclose where the health problem comes from. Your family physician may consult with a radiologist to see what your test results include to be able to suggest safe treatment options.

In Europe, radiology is one of the most popular professions and the number of radiologists is highly on the rise. In 2022, the European Society of Radiology recorded 129,294 members in total which clearly shows that the field is continuously evolving.

Final Thoughts

Modern medicine would be deprived without radiology. It’s almost impossible to imagine the healthcare industry without radiologists and their present-day solutions.

Before making an appointment with a doctor make sure to first find a quality radiologist who will effectively detect your health issue.

MedicusUnion has the most high-ranking radiologists from Europe on its platform available for online consultation. With demonstrated expertise and professional background they will evaluate and interpret your examination results quickly saving your time.

By booking an online consultation with a radiologist on MedicusUnion you get:

● Provision of X-ray images, ultrasound results and image series of MRI, CT or PET

● Analysis of images by a radiologist specialized in the relevant field

● Obtainment of a written report of the analysis

E-meet your radiologist on our platform and get a timely and reasonable treatment. Healthcare is twice accessible with us!

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