Data privacy and security in online consultations

Data privacy and security in online consultations

MedicusUnion Team
MedicusUnion Team

April 03, 2023

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Data privacy and security are paramount in online consultations. Robust encryption, secure platforms, and adherence to stringent privacy protocols safeguard sensitive patient information, ensuring confidentiality and building trust in the rapidly expanding realm of virtual healthcare interactions.

The enormous growth of technology brings new criteria to the healthcare industry. While digital solutions try to provide the best security in online consultations, it’s still worth taking any probable risks into account.

The global digital health market is expected to grow by 15,1% annually till 2028. This means that telemedicine specialists must keep the support of quality data privacy at the center of their attention.

This article covers the main essentials of security in online consultations unfolding the primary bullets to bear in mind.

Authentication of patients and doctors

Since online medical consultations consider real-time and continuous data transmission over the computer network, healthcare professionals must be skilled enough at IT security safeguards. Correct authentication is key while trying to access the system. Also, doctors who work online must be able to verify patient identity precisely.

Authentication is needed to ensure that clients who try to access the computer system for online consultations are authorized. In this respect, a complex password and two-factor authentication are basic components to provide security.

Verification of potential clients

Before treating a client, physicians must establish proper verification. A pin or biometric data (fingerprint, retina scan, etc.) can help make sure the person has a unique identity. Today, cybercriminals are on the rise. To avoid any attacks and prevent any possible fraud, healthcare professionals must be well-organized and keep track of any security updates.

It’s also preferable that online consultation platforms provide e-books or free courses on IT security best practices so that doctors can upgrade to any new techniques.

Good management of confidentiality

When transferring electronic data healthcare providers meet strict privacy policies which they should be adhered to.The UK Data Protection Act 1998 is a vivid example that clearly underlines the main principles of protecting personal data stored on the computer. 

Let’s understand what’s hidden under good management:

● Patients have the right to be informed about any possible transmission of their private health information.

● In such cases, they must provide written permission.

● Online doctor consultations can’t be held on open networks but within a private, in-build video system.

● Any recording or transmission of a patient’s data must be done on secure servers using encryption technology.

Now, it’s more than clear that good management is significantly important in any aspect of life regardless of the industry

Final Thoughts

Let’s confess that online doctor consultations are one of the new achievements of the era. It’s great that you can be treated within minutes right from your home or workplace but remember that you deal with sensitive personal documents, eventually.

For your own peace and security always make sure the service you’re applying for is well-grounded enough and meets all the data protection standards.

Thanks to its in-built video conferencing tool and file encryption MedicusUnion guarantees its clients’ data to be 100% secured and protected and out of any danger.

You can explore more about our service and data protection standards on our web page.

This time, try booking your next consultation with us! 

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